13 Reasons Why …. TV Review 💗


So 13 Reasons Why……………….

This has got to be one of the hardest series to review.

Suicide is such a strong subject to cover in a TV series, and a million and one reasons for someone to feel they want to do this to themselves.

The season covers the suicide of Hannah Baker, who left behind 13 tapes about 13 people and reasons that made her end her own life.

For someone who suffers from Depression, Anxiety and OCD (long story for another time!) Some of the ‘reasoning’ behind the tapes were hard to understand, but then again everyone is different. Different situations have different effects on people.


One tape and reason is being put on a list in school for having the nicest bum. To be honest I was like seriously?!?!?! that’s not a bad thing I would love that, especially as I was always the chubby girl in glasses.

Another tape was being in the same room while a friend was raped, first thought was WTF get in there and drag him off, but when you think about it, what would you do? you could freeze on the spot, be terrified if he knew you were there do it to you too.

The reasons were either completely drastic or what some people wouldn’t even call a problem, just a standard school day.

It is amazing how such small actions could lead to a drastic action by an individual.

I will admit there were points in the season where i thought oh come on you are being over dramatic now, but my overdramatic and another person’s overdramatic is 2 different things.

Everyone deals with different aspects of life differently, and the series shows how one girl handled these situations, some people who don’t suffer from a mental illness may watch it and be like WTF how is that a reason to end your life, but hey you try dealing with all that.

Anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts need to talk to someone, i know its not always easy but if you don’t talk they will never know.

Hannah Baker tried talking to people, but didn’t actually say anything, she wanted people to mind read what was wrong and chase her.

People aren’t mind readers they cant tell what you are thinking. Unfortunately they wont chase you, they may know something is wrong, but unless you are honest they wont know what that problem is.

I personally have always found it hard to talk about things, i bottle a lot up, like a lot of people. But i do know if you are feeling low and need help then please talk to someone.

There is so much support out there for people feeling like this, don’t let depression run your life,

Creative Kate <3



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