Riverdale – Season 3 – Review πŸ’—

Riverdale is back with season 3

First part of season

The season starts with Archie in juvenile detention centre, and Betty suffering from stress seizures.

The main topic of this season is a board game called Gryffins and Gargoyles (G & G for short) The game seems to be more of an obsessive cult where players start to play the game in real life instances. Strikes me of abit like Jumanji minus the jungle and animals.

Riverdale is kind of breaking off into 2 groups, the teens and the adults/parents. The adults have a meeting at the school after it comes out about the game being played again, and they all being worried about the same outcome as last time. Obvious that they all played the game at some point.

Jughead starts a game to try and see how it works, the game leads back to the farm and the sisters hospital.Β  It gets big around the school with different people playing the game. All players seem to have to answer to the Goblin King. No one knows who this king is, everything points to Hiram Lodge but it’s not yet confirmed.

Episode 4 of this season has been the best so far in the first half of the season. You see all the teens playing there parents back when the game was played by them.

The game even expands to Archie’s prison where the warden is seen to be playing G & G. Archie is having such a hard time in prison due to Hiram giving his influence. Archie escapes with the help of the other teens and Jughead joins him on the run.

Betty is sectioned to the sisters hospital where the game is also at large and she finds out this is where the game originated.

As the mid season break approaches Hiram has the town quarantined and under lockdown.

**** Midseason Break ******

So we are back from the midseason break, the quarantine has been lifted and Archie is back in Riverdale.

Too be honest the 2nd part of the season is a bit jumbled, so much random stuff is happening like Tall Boy being the gargoyle king.

Hiram gets shot and a 2nd attempt is foiled by Archie leading to a truce and Hiram giving Archie a boxing gym as a thank you.

Betty is forced to contact her dad, after her mum signs all Betty’s savings and college funds over to the farm.

Gryffins and Gargoyles needs to be completed by the adults. Jugheads mum comes back to town with FP being the sheriff.

They even had a musical episode which did not fit in at all, i feel like the creators can’t decide on how they want Riverdale to be perceived.

Right at the end you get this big bit of tension and some big reveal of whos actually behind all the Gryffins and Gargoyle game, it’s really annoying when you look at Riverdale from the outside you think why am i still watching this, but every season you still find yourself watching it.

Are you stuck in the Riverdale rut too?


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