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Baby Silk Hand Mask Sheet 💗


Hiya Lovelies,

Time for a hand mask review, and to be honest i haven’t used a hand mask in so long. My acrylics have come off and what better time to use it to held with my nails.

This was a present and the same brand where my exfoliating foot mask come from.

You get gloves to put on with the mask already in side, and you leave on for 15-20 minutes.


At first it was cold, but as usual after a while you get used to the coldness. When the time is up your meant to rub in the excess but as usual i always find too much excess so i end up wiping a load off.

To be fair this was just what my hands needed, they came out so smooth and my nails and skin around my nails looks ten times better then before. I would deffo recommend a hand mask especially if you have just had acrylics taken off.


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