Harry Potter and the Cursed Child πŸ’—


Hi Lovelies,

OMG better late then never i finally got to see Harry Potter and the cursed child!

It is so hard to get these tickets and my brother and i were so lucky to even get these. I was quite annoyed that when we booked tickets they wouldn’t let us book more then 2 seats, but there were quite a few people there alone so unless they were taking up by solo visitors.

I obviously had read the screenplay before hand so knew the story line, my brother on the other hand hadn’t.

We wasn’t sure how the show was going to be, how they were going to show magic live on stage, films are easy on stage is a different story.


Boy was we in shock, the magic effects were phenomenal. We couldnt believe how amazing they pulled magic off. My favourite parts were entering the ministry of magic and travelling by Floo Powder. I don’t want to give to much away but by far the best effects in a live show i have ever seen.

The story, the acting was great i couldn’t fault it. I loved Scorpius his character and mannerism was on point and just how i imagined he would be while reading the screenplay. I did wonder how the story would appear on stage having read the screen play but it was perfect. My brother followed it all the way through even though he had no idea what the story was about and he said it was so easy to get without reading the screenplay.

The atmosphere of the theater was crazy, everyone was so excited, the tension the show created you could feel around the whole theater.Β  This is by far my new favourite show and would go again in a heart beat.

The show is performed in 2 parts, you get the option of doing 2 parts in one day, or part 1 one day and part 2 the next. I am so glad we chose 2 parts in one day. I can’t imagine having to wait for part 2 the next day.


The break you get between both parts gives you a couple of hours, and literally a 2 minute walk from the theater was The House of Minalima which had a showcase on all the artwork from the wizarding world.


You have to queue up to get in as the showcase is spread over 3 floors, and i am telling you the staircase up to each floor just seem to get more and more narrow. The top floor was so small we had to wait as there was only a certain amount of people allowed on the floor at a time. This was a perfect time waster during the break, as it still fit with the theme of the show so you were still looking and hearing about the wizarding world.

I would deffo recommend any potter fan to visit the house of Minalima even if your just passing its worth a short queue.

I recommend all potterheads see the cursed child i will deffo be trying to get tickets to see it all over again.


Have any of you been lucky enough to see it?


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