The Society – Netflix Review πŸ’—

Hi Lovelies,

Another one of my Netflix reviews for you, this time on The Society.

The Society is like a teenage drama, the storyline is basically there is a strange chemical smell around the town. The kids in the high school are sent out on a seeming to be camping trip.

The trip is cut short randomly, with the teenagers not even making the destination and are turned around and brought back to town.

When the teenagers get off the bus the town seems quiet and the smell has disappeared. They soon find that there is no one left in town except them, and it looks like they have to fend for themselves.

As you can imagine a bunch of teenagers a whole town to themselves, things get rowdy pretty quick. With no laws or money the town gets hectic and people get out of hand.

Some of the teenagers attempt to leave town, but find that there is literally no way out. They follow the town’s train tracks and they just stop.

Chaos ensues until Cassandra a student stands up to try and bring order to the town. This creates the Society. They attempt to put some order back into town such as food rationing and laws.

As you can imagine not everyone is happy with this being in place, this leads to multiple issues, including a murder a trail and a baby.

I’ll leave you to watch this and watch the issues unfold


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