Chambers – Netflix Review

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A new Netflix review for you, this time on a series called Chambers.

Chambers is about Sasha a teenage girl who gets a heart transplant after she collapses.

Sasha is a normal girl who lives with her uncle, and after collapsing she is forced to have a lifesaving heart transplant.

Normally with transplants you don’t get to find out where your donated organ has come from, in this instance Sasha is contacted by the father of a fellow teenager Becky who indeed was the heart donor.

Sasha and her uncle are talked into joining Becky’s parents for dinner, where they explain Becky was electrocuted.

After the dinner Sasha starts to see visions which she can only interpenetrate as Becky’s. Showing her pieces of memory around her death, and you start to get suspicious?

Sasha can’t resist delving into Becky’s life and trying to back track her final movements.

You get a weird feeling about this series and you can’t help but follow Sasha on her investigations as every character has some sort of past.

At first i thought the actress playing Sasha looked slightly older then a high school teenager but you tend to look past it. I did like this series and without giving it away you need to watch the full series don’t stop half way through.

The series ending has deffo left it open for a second season as it seems the series is taking a magical turn???

Watch it to find out what i mean.


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