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Morphe Haul – Florida 2019


Hi Lovelies,

Morphe Haul!!!! I know we now have a couple of Morphe stores in the UK, my closest is Stratford Westfields, but its just not the same as going into one in the US.

The staff were so friendly and omg their make up was on point. One gentleman his make up was unreal. My dad was even like can you do yours as good as that, and the gentleman actually showed me exactly what products he used if i wanted to recreate it. I can’t recommend them enough.

Morphe 39S Such a gem


I wanted this palette since i first saw it, and thought what better time to buy it then when i have saved my backside off to be able to treat myself. This was also the palette the gentleman in Morphe used! and he said he loves this palette.

Morphe 3503 Fierce by nature


When i went into the Morphe store, it was the first time i saw this palette. The shades are so warm. They scream autumn at me!

Jeffree Star x Morphe Lip collection


Everyone who knows me knows there was no way i was going to go into Morphe in the US and not buy anything Jeffree Star. I purposely didn’t buy the lip sets as i knew i could get them in the US.


We have iconic bolds including the amazing Redrum shade from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, i have this shade as a lip stick so finally now have the liquid lip.

Iconic Nudes because you just can never have too many haha!

Make up brushes


I really am starting to love Morphe brushes, they are really reasonably priced and work so well. Yes i know more Jeffree Star brushes i cant help myself haha!


I also picked up these, people use so many different things to catch excess shadow but i saw these and thought let me try. I haven’t tried these as yet but as soon as i do i will let you all know.

I did pick up the legendary Morphe setting spray, i have the Jeffree Star already but wanted to try the original.

That is my Morphe haul for ya πŸ™‚


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