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Hey Lovelies,

I have so many plans for new blog posts coming up. My hallway is being decorated at the moment so a lot of stuff is currently being stored in my room. Doesn’t leave me much room to maneuver let alone doing pretty flat lays lol.

Also i have just had my birthday! i am now 28 🙁 getting closer to that big 3-0. It was brilliant and i will create a blog post covering everything i got up too!

So anyway onto this post, another book review, this time at the moment i am reading the original Mary Poppins stories by P L Travers. Being such a big Disney fan i thought it would good to go back to the originals to see where Disney’s inspiration came from.

Not sure if anyone has seen the film Saving Mr Banks? Where Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney and it shows the story of trying to get P L Travers to agree to let Walt make her stories a reality. It is a brilliant watch and it really does explain a lot.

The book Mary Poppins is the first of 6 Mary Poppins books written by P L Travers and I am making my way through all of them so will blog about each one as i finish them!

Obviously the first book is introducing Mary to the Banks family. At first i will be honest and say i found it very hard to get into. After watching the Disney version so many times you just expect the original story to be the same. It’s really not. In the film Mary is lovely and friendly, singing dancing etc. In the book she’s stuck up stern and obsessed with herself. The magic moments are there but she treats it as the kids are going mad, and she has no idea what they are talking about. I am currently really struggling to like her!

There is a lot kept the same, ie the characters (except for the edition of a set of twins the siblings of Jane and Michael), Bert, the admiral from a couple doors down. The jumping into the painting is there minus the children going with them. It’s hard to explain the journeys are the same but always different.

I have started the 2nd book Mary Poppins comes back so when this is completed i will add another post.

Here’s hoping Mary cheers up in the next few books

Speak Soon Lovelies

Creative Kate <3

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