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A Tour Of Our Christmas Decorations πŸŽ„


Hey Lovelies,

Christmas is a big thing in our house, I am sure my dad was father Christmas in a past life haha!

We love Christmas, the decorations (which most of which are Disney lol) the food, the films, music and plenty of family time.

As this is the case I thought I would share our decorations with you! be warned major cheese fest of decorations to come haha!


As you walk in our front door we have our winter wonderland themed tree! The decorations on this tree are our travel ornaments, Harry Potter and the traditional. I even managed to get a bauble in Dubai!


We do love us some lights if you haven’t noticed haha!

Tree number 2 (yep more then one!) is our hundred acre wood tree!!

We normally have themed tree to a Disney film, the last couple years its been Frozen but dad suggested hundred acre wood this year. I think it has something to do with the amazing Christopher Robin film which came out this year!

Christmas statues, my mum loves a Christmas statue and if its a Disney one its even better lol



The main event! The Main Tree


This is our 7ft 8 tree and every ornament is Disney, we have collected these over a lot of years and have some very special ones. Including one to mark the 100 years of Disney.


I love seeing peoples decorations, everyone has their own style and its great.

How do you decorate for Christmas?

Hope you enjoyed the tour of ours πŸ™‚




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