Avengers – Infinity War πŸ’— Film Review πŸ’—

Hey lovelies

I feel like I haven’t been cinema in ages! And there was no way I wasn’t seeing avengers infinity war.

So I’m slightly behind behind on a couple marvel films, I need to see Black Panther and Dr Strange. But other then that I think I’m up to date πŸ˜‚

There was so many rumours going around like who dies and everyone dies πŸ™„, you know what marvel enthusiast’s are like.

So the film story is everyone is trying to stop Thanos from getting all 6 of the infinity stones. The avengers all know where different stones are. So they go off in different groups from different stones to protect them.


So the film was really good it wasn’t long winded literally had you hooked from the start. It was great seeing all the heroes again together. Iron Man and Spider-Man’s chemistry is brilliant. The only thing that bothered me was that the whole click of the fingers thing and everyone just started popping off like those dandelion/ wish flowers you get. The ones you blow on and the seeds fly off πŸ˜‚ ( yep me descriptions are great)

Some of the people that disappeared though I can’t get my head around especially Spider-Man and black panther like wtf!?!? It seemed to me that they god rid of everyone who had the little spin off films and kept the original avengers. Where as I thought it may have been the other way round πŸ€”. There’s been so many avenger films now you think they’d make way for the others like black panther? The film went down so well and they’ve got rid of him after one film?

Anyways what did u all think?

Creative Kate ❀️

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