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Baby Silky Foot Mask – Review πŸ’—


First off apologies for the pink contrast on the picture, obvs my room was having a bad lighting day.

This was a pressie from the bestie for Christmas which she swore worked so much better then the Cinderella foot mask we tried previously. Link is here for the previous review.

The mask is made by a korean company not to sure on the brand to be honest.

The mask is supposed to shred the dead skin off your feet a few days after using the mask.


Right so directions are pretty much the same for all foot masks. Put the boots on, pour the liquid sachet in (which was bloody cold!) and wait for an hour and half. Once time is up rinse completely and dry.

I used the mask on a Monday. Tuesday – Wednesday went by – no shredding.

Thursday morning i texted the bestie and was like when did your shredding start i haven’t seen any changes. Well that taught me to doubt the mask, i got home took my socks off and was like welcomed with shredding feet lol. The shredding lasted from Thursday to the following Monday.

I did have to help the final stages of shredding along with some exfoliator but i could not complain the mask didn’t work. The skin deffo shredded down and my skin was a lot smoother then it had been. This will deffo be another buy for me as my feet are always really dry.  Only issue is i forgot to ask the Bestie where the mask come from. (Doh!) If you want me to find out just leave a comment and i will find out for you.

Now for the embrassing bit, photos of my feet (yuck!) I get embrassed by my feet and i hate feet. But for the good of the blog i have braved it to show you the process. I don’t think it would have been the best review if i couldn’t show you the results.

So we have before, during shredding and after. Again apologies for anyone squeamish with feet. (i dont blame you!) You can definatley see a difference from the 1st and 3rd picture. This mask comes highly recommended.

Has anyone else used a mask like this?


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