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Benefit Eye Cream – Its Potent

Hey Lovelies,

So i have a thing about eye creams at the mo. The latest one i have just finished is the Benefit It’s Potent eye cream.

I got this mini from a gift set, and as cute as the packaging looks its very impractical. Once you open it you cannot reseal. You basically have to leave it open on the side! :


The cream itself is good, and i did notice a difference around my eye it definitely faded the dark circles. (not that i had any of course! haha).

This mini lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. i know it is a mini and when you buy the standard jar at the shop its not massive, but i do feel possible a tube will work better. The only other suggestion i can make is getting an empty lip balm cover and squeezing all the contents of the sachet into it and keeping it like that.

Any of you who have used this how did you get on?

Creative Kate <3

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