Burger anyone? 🍔🍰


Hey Lovelies,

So anyone want a burger? haha well at least i hope they look like burgers to you!

I see the cupcake burgers on a video on Facebook, so of course i had to give them a go.

They didn’t come out too bad, and i have been told are quite tasty too! i don’t normally have any of my own bakes, people dive in and i just let them. I would rather everyone else enjoy them, and plus means i don’t get extra added to the waistline.

They are easy, the only bit i wouldn’t say was hard but just fiddly was constructing them as burgers.

If you interested in making them, all you would need to do is create one batch of vanilla cupcakes and one batch of chocolate cupcakes, a normal cupcake tray makes 12 so that’s what i did. this will make 12 burgers.



Once baked let them cool, they normally take about 15-20 to bake and the same to cool.

While you wait for these i would suggest making the ‘lettuce’ ‘ketchup’ and ‘mustard’.


To make these I will admit i cheated and bought ready to go frosting. I split the contents up to the 3 bowls adding the food coloring as my above picture shows, (Obviously!)

So the more time consuming part is the structuring of the burger, it is easy but takes some time.

Cut all the Vanilla cupcakes in half, and cover the bottom half with the ‘lettuce’ (green icing).

When adding the chocolate cupcakes i did find cutting just the top off them helped. Put these on top then add the ‘ketchup and mustard’ (red and yellow icing).

Putting the icing on is the trickiest part, tend to stick to the sponge would be much easier to pipe in future!

Once this is all complete put the top of the vanilla cupcake on and wa-la! Cupcake Burgers!!

If you have a go send me a picture, i would love to see your version of a cupcake burger!

Speak Soon Lovelies

Creative Kate <3

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