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Hey Lovelies,

I am like a Netflix addict at the moment, latest watch was Evil Genius.

It’s a 4 part documentary about a true story of a bank heist which took place is USA in 2003.

The bank heist was completed by Brian Wells, who was found to have a bomb strapped to his neck, and to have been following a scavenger hunt like letter trail.

Unfortunately Brian was stopped by police before he could complete the trail to find the keys to release the bomb from his neck. This resulted in the bomb exploding and Brian Wells losing his life.

This crime led to a full scale investigation on what happened and why Brian Well’s a simple pizza delivery man got caught up in this act.

Investigations led police to 2 people Marjorie and Bill. Marjorie has a previous murder charge to which she was cleared of by self defense.

The crime took some planning and the documentary shows the brains behind the crime were very clever. The work that went into the letters for the scavenger trail and the bomb itself would have to be completed by someone who was very knowledgeable in this field.

Throughout the documentary you come across a lot of unanswered questions and you see a pretty bad communication issue between the state police and the FBI. All of the suspected parties each have there own story and reasons as to why they are innocent and their co-conspirators are to blame.

I found this really interesting and also scary to see how much thought went into one crime, if you like crime investigations this is definitely one for you. Although be warned if you like to have complete closure on a series, maybe this isn’t for you.

What did you guys think?

Creative Kate <3


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