Garnier Ambre Solaire – Aftersun Tissue Mask – Product Review πŸ’—

Price – Β£3.50 can be bought in Superdrug’s

As you all are probs aware I went on a girls trip with my bestie to Barcelona, and we had to get these to take with us! We are facemask mad, wait to you see my Sephora face mask haul!

I have never seen an after sun mask before, I always use aftersun on my face as my skin goes so dry when I have been in the sun too long. We used these on the Wednesday night so after we had been in Barcelona for 3 days.


Omg when you first put this on its soooo cold haha! As we left it till the evening when we put these on it felt mega cold but I bet if you had been in the sun all day and put this on it would have felt amazing.

Only downside is there was a lot of left over residue. I know with normal sheet masks you can just rub in the left over, but this one had loads we ended up having to remove most of it with tissue.

I would deffo recommend this after being in the sun all day it is so cooling and refreshing.

Have you guys ever tried an after sun mask?



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