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Now I could have sworn I already wrote this review and posted it but I cant find it LOL

I must have written it in a dream or one of them where you write it in your head and don’t write it down .

Good Girls has one season on Netflix, it is about 3 mothers who commit one robbery to get money to help out their personal lives. One to give her daughter life saving medicine, another to pay the mortgage so she doesn’t lose their house and one to cover a lawyer for the custody battle for her daughter. I can understand the stress that would lead them to even thinking about what they do.

The bad thing is the money they steal from the robbery happens to belong to a local gang. Who then takes to hounding them to get money back. They have them doing money laundering, which they create a small business with other local mums to earn the money back.

At first I wasn’t sure about the series, but I did get into it. By the time the final episode ended I was like omg! Unfortunately there is no indication of when and if there is going to be a season 2.

Have you watched it?



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