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Harry Potter In Hamleys πŸ’—


Over the summer holidays Hamley’s had a Harry Potter event. The Potter Geek that I am had to go and take a peak! I am so lucky to live so close to Regent Street being only a bus ride away, I get to go to a lot of events that go on over there.

So the event took place on the bottom level of Hamley’s where all the gadgets and Star Wars merchandise can be found. You walk down a staircase as pictures above! (my Daddy going down the stairs!)


You are greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a Lego Hagrid! (It was massive!) I love when people make the massive Lego figures you can tell how much work went into making them!

As you wander through the all the merchandise, a lot of it new items I hadn’t even seen! Just an FYI if you didn’t already know Lego are re-bringing out the Harry Potter range so excited!!




They did have a timetable of different activities going on for the kids, unfortunately I missed most of them. I loved how all the staff got involved and were all wearing their Harry Potter uniforms.

I think this event runs til 31st August, but keep an eye on Hamley’s tweets as they will announce the next events. I love getting immersed back into the potter world. It takes you away from the norm. I just love it!




By the way I really want a Nifler!!!!

Have you ever been to a HP event?



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