Ibiza – Netflix Review 💗


So Ibiza, the Netflix film. The bestie and I purposely held off watching this til we got to Barcelona. We wanted to watch it chilling in the room, as I thought it was going to be a really girlie film.

The film is based on a girl who is sent on a work trip, to work towards promotion and her girls basically invite themselves a long.

It is a feel good girly film, they start in Barcelona then end up following a DJ to Ibiza and back. and its a big question of does she get the promotion?

We watched it the first night we got to Barcelona, as we had been up since half 3 and was shattered. So I propped the IPad up and we chilled.

My honest opinion is its good but I wouldn’t say its something I would watch again and again. I enjoyed it, but if I had gone to the cinema I wouldn’t have bought the DVD sort of thing.

And this is a short and sweet my thoughts, as it had a been a while since I watched it and its obvs didn’t have any lasting moments as I don’t remember much from it?

What did you guys think of it?


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