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Jeffree Star Summer Collection -Swatches πŸ’—



You guys have no idea how excited I was for this collection.

This is my first Jeffree Star Cosmetics purchase, and its officially the first of many. I am so in love and feel I need to go backwards to collect all his pallets!!!!

After seeing his reveal video on his channel I knew I needed the pallet and the Cherry Wet liquid lip. (currently wearing this right now!!!)

I wasn’t sure whether to do a blog post or video showing the swatches of this collection, too be honest I am more comfortable writing a blog post then filming, going through insecure mode for some weird reason!

Liquid Lipsticks

img_1004RRP – Β£16.00

I went for 2 colours obviously Cherry Wet and 818. The formula for the liquid lipsticks is amazing!!! It’s so creamy and applys so well! Its non sticky and lasts forever!!

I am so happy with them, I can’t wait to get more!!! (also who has heard the rumour of the possible Morphe store opening in London so excited! Imagine if Jeffree came over to open it!)

I tried both shades on and Cherry Wet is my new favourite I have worn it everyday since I got it!!!

Cherry Wet

Thirsty Pallet

RRP Β£45.00

Anyone who is not in love with this pallet, what planet are you on!

Looking at the shades it just screams summer! By far my favourite shades are the blues ‘Submerge’ and ‘Splash’. I am so excited to create some summer looks with this pallet. I am so pleased I made this my first Jeffree Star purchase. His formula is so good the pigments are amazing, (not that I was expecting anything less of course!)

Matte Shades

I took 2 photos of the matte shade swatches one with and one without flash.

How amazing is the coral, yellow and blues like OMG!

Metallic Shades


When I swatched the metallic shades literally my mouth dropped. (if you can just picture my face sitting alone in my room you would crack up haha!)

The pigment and shine on these is just crazy, I couldn’t resist a little boomerang video to show how shimmery they are.

I am hoping there is going to be more metallic shades to come in future collections, as these are just crazy.

Thank you Jeffree Star for delivering beyond expectations!

What do you guys think of the Summer Collection?

Creative Kate <3



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