Kingsman – The Golden Circle – Film Review 


Hiya Lovelies,

I had a Tuesday night cinema night with my favourites – Hubby, lil Bruv and Stephanie. <3

We haven’t been out together in ages and it was lovely. We knew we had to go and see Kingsman the golden circle. We all loved the first film so part 2 was a deffo must see for us, and it didn’t disappoint.

Kingsman golden circle – show the Kingsman needing to ask for help from their US brothers the Statesman when an American drug dealer takes out the whole Kingsman team except Eggsy and Merlin.

Taron comes back playing an excellent part as Eggsy all over again, i absolutely love his character, from the cheeky Londoner to the suited and booted gentleman. (he don’t look bad in a suit either).

Anyone who has seen the first film would have seen Colin Firth’s character Harry get shot in the face by Samuel L Jackson. Luckily Harry is saved by the Stateman and he is reunited with Eggsy and Merlin to take on Miss Poppy. I am so happy they brought Colin Firth’s character back he is one of my favourite British actors.

Have any of you seen it yet? what was your thoughts?

Creative Kate <3

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