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Manna Kadar – Conditioning Lash Primer – Review πŸ’—


Hey Lovelies,

How are we?

So thought I would share my thoughts on the Manna Kadar Eyelash Primer.

First off, does anyone actually use eyelash primer?

They really do primer for everywhere, face, lips, eyes and eyelashes.

I didn’t really think of using it before I got this in a Glossybox. It is a small tube so would guess it is a travel size. It is like a white cream that you coat your lashes with. Sort of reminded me of the mascaras you get with two ends on them.

Did it do anything to my lashes? honestly no I didn’t notice anything. I didn’t find it conditioned my lashes or made much difference.

Would I buy eyelash primer? if I found one which actually conditioned my lashes then yes, I hate that feeling when your lashes feel gritty from mascara even though you’ve taken it all off.

Would I buy this eyelash primer? No, I would only use it if we were to get another one in Glossybox.

I am intrigued to know if you guys use eyelash primer?

Creative Kate <3

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