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My 28th Birthday – Shreks Adventure 


Hey Lovelies!

So it was my birthday on the 19th and I turned 28 (aah).

Leading up to my birthday my mum, brother, his girlfriend and Luke kept having these secret meetings. Discussing my birthday and telling me not to organise anything.

Turns out they had organised for us to go to Shreks Adventure at Southbank LOL

We have been saying for ages thats we wanted to go, and it was great.

So to start my birthday my mum and dad took me over to Marble Arch and surprised me by getting me a Chamilia Disney charm bracelet from H Samuels !!! was so excited!! I have been wanting one of these bracelets for ages. The hardest part was having to pick the charms I wanted. They are all so pretty and trying to pick 2 first off its like aaah!!.

I thought Id start traditional, Cinderellas castle and her carriage. Perfect princess charms! (yes I am a princess!)

Then in the afternoon we headed out to Shrek! My aunt and cousin came too!!! We left my mum, dad and aunt in the pub (where else!!!)

So we had no idea what to expect at Shrek’s adventure. Where we hadn’t been we didn’t know what it was or how it works. Turns out its set out like London Dungeons, where you move from room to room having talks from Actors.

It was cheesy but was a laugh! if you don’t laugh through it then you must be a miserable person haha! I would say its not recommended for kids under like 3 as they just won’t get it. They don’t allow prams through either so will mean carrying them.

They didn’t allow pictures throughout the tour so only got a few on the way in and of course meeting Shrek at the end!


They also incorporated other Dreamworks characters into the tour like ‘kung Fu Panda’  and ‘How to train your dragon’, who can’t resist a selfie with Po!


I love doing things for my birthday especially with Family and my boyfriend it makes my birthday being with them. I loved my surprise outing! Last year I went London Zoo, this year I went to Shrek’s adventure! can’t wait for next years adventure!


Til next time lovelies

28 year old Creative Kate <3

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