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Hey Lovelies,

Another lil Q&A for you, of random stuff about me, again I see this on another bloggers site πŸ™‚

My First App Checked In The Morning:

WhatsApp – I always have a morning message from the boyfriend πŸ™‚ 

My First Broken Bone:

Well I haven’t actually broken a bone but I did fracture my wrist when I was 12 so guessing that counts?

My First Foreign Country I Visited:

Florida! I was so lucky my mum and dad took me to Florida when I was 3 1/2. 

My First Ever Make Up Product: 

A clear Collection Cosmetics lipgloss, it was all about the gloss when I was a teenager.

My First Ever Tape/CD:

Yep mine was a Tape (cassette, please google if you don’t know what one is I already feel old!) The first album I bought was Peter Andre’s Natural album and single was Spice Girls Wannabe.

My First Car:

Was a Nissan Micra Celebration, in Racing Green. I called her Tink and even gave her some eyelashes haha!

My First Celeb Crush:

I think this was Aaron Carter, younger brother to Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys.

My First Cooking Experience:

The first experience of cooking I remember is making fairy cakes with my nan! She is the reason I love to bake.

My First Ever BF/GF:

I remember in nursery everyone had boyfriends and girlfriends hahaha my first proper relationship was my ex who was just before Luke, we were together for 6 months and it was a pretty bad relationship but we will get into that another time. 

My First Ever Mobile:

Haha I was so happy when I got my first mobile I got it when I left primary school and it was the well known Nokia 5110 haha! I was obsessed with the game snake. 

My First Ever Fear:

Well this is embarrassing other then birds the only other thing I remember being scared of was the Disney characters when I first went to Florida, mum said I balled my eyes out for the first 3 days because of them lol. Deffo over that fear! 

My First Internet Activity:

It has to be MSN, like omg who didn’t have MSN! The original emojis, the carefully picked screennames.

My First Job:

Was in a Bakery I started when I was 16 and left when I was 22 I think, its where I met Luke as I worked with his mum πŸ™‚ 

My First Language:

Is English, I learnt Spanish in GCSE level but that’s as far as I get.

My First Musical Instrument:

I think it was a small guitar which we could take and play in music assembly. Although I did used to play a mean steel pan later on at school!

My First Pet:

My aunt always said her pets were mine and my brothers pet, so it would make Camber the Yorkshire Terrier my first pet. My aunt got her as a puppy when I as small so we basically grew up together.

My First Piercing:

My Ears, mum had the doctors pierce my ears at 9 months old I think. (you could in them days!) 

My First Tattoo:

The heart on my wrist was my first see more on the story in my other post here.

My First Soft Toy:

I have always loved soft toys so I think my oldest one would have to be one which I always called pillow and it kinda had the face of the hammer Timmy Mallet used to use, not to sure how else to explain it.

My First Thought Today:

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho its back to work I go.

My First Time On A Ship:

Ermmm I think this was a Ferry to Disneyland Paris. It’s the earliest boat ride I can remember unless the ferry across to Magic Kingdom in Florida counts?

My First Book I Remember Reading:

I have always loved books, and picked up reading pretty quick. I remember reading ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. As for a non childrens book I remember reading ‘The Suitcase Kid’ by Jacqueline Wilson.

My First Concert:

Spice Girls – at Wembley Stadium. I remember wearing my platform trainers and was so amazed I was seeing them live.

My First Film I remember seeing:

It was probably a Disney film, but the one I vividly remember going to see was ‘The Aristocats’ at the cinema with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I remember it as I was severely travel sick as they piled me with a chocolate milkshake before we left. (oh the shame)

My First Person Spoken To Today:

Does the Cat count? I spoke to Jessie as she jumped on me this morning! If it has to be a person then it would be my Mum.

My First Txt Sent Today:

Me answering Luke with a Good Morning message πŸ™‚

My First Action Every Morning:

Look at my phone, txt Luke back and drink a cup of tea.

My First Action When I Get Home:

Shoes Off!

My First Time I Ever Got Drunk:

I was about 15 it was a friends mums birthday. Her older brother was sneaking us drinks and we ended up having way to many lol 


There we have it please feel free to copy these questions for a post of your own, it is quite interesting reading other peoples firsts!



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