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Hey Lovelies,

I have seen quite a few people sharing their tattoos and the reasons behind them. Having 6 myself I thought I would share mine. I knew from an early age that I was going to have tattoos I have always admired them. I remember my dad getting his first one in a tattoo shop in Florida at like 1am. I don’t remember how old I was I know my brother was quite young like maybe 6-8. The tattoo shop was right across the road from our hotel and I remember having to wait up really late. Mum offered to stay at the hotel with me and Fred so we could go to bed but there was no way we were missing this.

My dad had Tigger on his arm (well obvs we were at Disney and he is my dads favourite!) and above and below Tigger was mine and my brothers name. I remember sitting outside the room while dad was having it done and looking at all the designs on the wall and thinking I cant wait to have one! When the tattooist was close to finishing he let my brother go in to watch him finish up, Freddie was so excited haha!

That was my first experience of a tattoo and my mind was set from then. As soon as I hit teenage years my request for a tattoo started. I knew that when you were 16 you could have a tattoo with parental consent. So I bugged and bugged, and mum and dad said yes! To be honest I am glad I didn’t go through with it at 16 as I knew I would have regretted my design by now. I wanted what every 16 year old around me wanted, a playboy bunny with my name on the bottom of my back (oh dear!) instead a settled for a belly button piercing, which ended up not liking me so I knew then I would stick to tattoos!

Tattoo 1


My heart is my first tattoo and literally cost me a tenner!

Its quite funny I told my lovely friend Beau Beau (Her name is just one Beau but I double it! LOL) that I would go with her while she had her tattoo done. When I told mum that’s what I was doing she was like I bet you come back with a tattoo and I was like no I wont. (obvs mum is always right!)

I have always had quite sensitive skin and since my belly button piercing rejected I got quite nervous about having a tattoo. I was scared I would be allergic to the ink and muck up my skin. My doctor offered one of those skin tests to confirm everything your allergic too but it would have cost around Β£50. I got talking to the tattooist while he worked on Beau’s bow (get it HAHA!) and told him my concerns. His words that followed were basically, ok well you could pay Β£50 for the test or give me a tenner and I will put something little on your wrist as a tester.

And then came my little heart <3 (thankfully no side effects occurred)

Tattoo 2


First thing which I always get is ‘Who’s Freddie?’ Freddie is my lil brother. He is just the best little brother, we get on so well and he’s just my world. (yes I spoil him anyone will tell you!)

This was completed by Luke’s brother who had taken up tattooing as a hobby. I was debating for ages on where to have it. I knew I wanted Freddie’s name and knew other then my kids names it would be the only name I would get. I have a big thing about peoples names. I am superstitious about partners names being a jinx, will get into that further down the blog.

I have had this gone over 3 times I think, it does dull over time like any tattoo.

Tattoo 3 


Tattoo number 3 is my biggest tattoo to date. It is on my hip/stomach.

Originally this was half the size, basically it used to be the big butterfly with the 4 stars around it. This was drawn by Luke and I loved it as I wanted something to represent the people I lost. I wanted to extend it out a bit further so the lines flowed out which is how we ended up here. Each star represents someone important who have ended up my angels. Pink of the girls and Blue for the boys. The pink stars I have one for my Nan who was everything to me, one for my best friend (taken way too soon!) and one for my beautiful big cousin Karen who was more like a big sister. The Blue stars represent my Grandad who sadly became an angel when I was 2 weeks old and the other for my Uncle Cyril who I miss so much.

The M and the D are obviously Mummy and Daddy. I thought about getting mum and dad in full but I thought the letters were nice and simple. I wanted to represent them in this as they mean so much and they are always there.

Tattoo 4


By far my most painful tattoo! God this one killed, I would happily have all my tattoos done again, then have something added to my other foot.

This picture was taking on the same day I had this done, I wanted a tattoo to represent me, I wanted me in a nut shell. You cant go wrong with a pink bow and mickey mouse. Girly and Disney. It’s just me! I struggled as to whether or not I wanted the mickey mouse heads coloured in and sometimes I look and think maybe I should have just had the outline, but I still like it. It was the pain a didn’t like.

I have always found tattoos quite therapeutic to have done, I have a high pain threshold so I don’t find them agony. Until this one of course, this actually caused me to grit my teeth which I have never done for a tattoo.

A lot of people say where’s the most painful place I would say deffo the foot. So heads up to anyone thinking of it, it hurts like a bitch!

Tattoo 5 


So back to my superstitions of name tattoos. Luke has a very low pain threshold (like seriously low LOL) He has always waned a tattoo but didn’t know what to get and ummed and aahhed for ages.

He kept saying he wanted to have my name which I really didn’t want. I am convinced it would just jinx the whole relationship. I don’t know why but so many people say it and I couldn’t bare the thought of it or if anything were too happen *touch wood* he would be stuck with my name.

After the debates (there were quite a few) I agreed to let him have something that represented me. Again this took a while, so I started looking at his and her tattoos which we could get that doesn’t have a name. When I see these I knew it was perfect, I sent a pic to Luke and straight away he agreed. Now he hates needles so as soon as he agreed I booked us in for the weekend coming.

Please don’t think Luke was forced into this, as I said again and again if he didn’t want it he didn’t have to. But he went through with it and is pleased with himself for doing it. Not that he is in a rush for any more LOL.

Tattoo 6


My newest tattoo, this took ages to decide on.

When my godmother/auntie passed away I was devastated and took it really hard. I knew I wanted a tattoo to represent her, but struggled with what.

I literally went through everything I could think of too do with her. I finally settled on a needle and thread, as she was always doing needlework and I remember her doing from when I was really young. She also got me into it and I now complete cross stitches and I have her needlecraft frames and it always makes me feel close to her when I do it.

The next problem was how to have a needle and thread and where do I put it. It’s not the easiest of ideas to think of. Finally I thought of the L for Lorraine, and the wings and heart and she is now my fairy god angel. it’s funny it wasn’t until after the tattoo had been completed that Luke pointed out it looked like a K, which made it work even better.

I do have more tattoos planned so will probs need to do a part 2 haha!

I love tattoos, I a lot of people think women shouldn’t have them. but why not? its our bodies. I think tattoos done right can look amazing on men or women.

Personally I wouldn’t have a sleeve as I just wouldn’t know what to have a sleeve of as I would have to have a theme. I couldn’t just have random ones.

Tattoos aren’t for everyone which is fine but they are definitely for me.

Do you have any?

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  1. Brooke says:

    I love your tattoos! I only have one at the minute but plan on getting another late September☺️
    Brooke x

    1. Creativekate89 says:

      Yeah thank you! They r really addictive πŸ’—

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