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Hey Lovelies,

I have just finished Safe on Netflix. I am becoming a real Netflix addict, and have like a list of shows to get through. It does mean it gives me shows to review for you guys.

Safe shows the journey of Jenny, a teenager who goes missing after a house party. Her dad and his best friend do some investigating of their own and end up uncovering a lot of village secrets.

To be honest it did take a couple of episodes to get into. The main story was good but the off stories to start off with were terrible.


The back story of a teenage boy’s body being found dead in a pool and the family trying to hide the body was just awful. I couldn’t work out if it was meant in a comical way or just put together badly. It very nearly turned me off the whole series, but one of the girls in the office said it picks up so I stuck with it.

Jenny’s dad and his best friend considering they are doctors who were in the army make very good detectives. The police didn’t seem to actually do anything in trying to find Jenny, her dad did it all. He was questioning people and doing research, in a real situation surely this wouldn’t be allowed?

I felt the show wasn’t true to life in this sort of situation, being a fictional story about a crime they would need to investigate somewhat true to how it would be dealt with in reality.

The true murderer who you find out right at the very end I might add! Is a strange one, slightly unexpected and slightly not. You can get the so called reason ‘why’ but its a bit much to be fair.

You guys have a watch and let me know what you think?



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