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New Too Faced Products 💗

Hiya Lovelies,

So this week’s post I thought I would show you my recent Too Faced buys.

Me and the Bestie visited the Too Faced shop in Carnaby Street for the first time, and come on who could go in there on a first visit and not leave with something!!!

I will also show you some of the items I got in a 70% too faced sale which I haven’t posted yet! (I know I’ve been slack on posts haha!)

So first off I will run through the goodies I bought in Too Faced:


First up was the Clover Pallet <3 – £38.00

I have had my eye on this pallet for sooo long so couldn’t say no when I finally saw it in real life.

The swatches are done with my finger and only applied once. The colours as always are very pigmented. Too Faced have also brought out some more in the Clover range such as a make up bag and a liquid lip. (the colour is too die for)


White Chocolate Bar pallet – £38.00

Again another one I have been looking at, according to the shop it is now only available in the London store.

The smell of this pallet is divine just like chocolate!!!! Swatches are again done with my finger and one application, I did find this pallet didn’t swatch as well as the others but with only one application once its built up I think the lighter colours will be amazing!!!

Lifes a Festival Pallet – £35.00

The newest edition to the Too Faced family is the Lifes a Festival pallet, everyone has been talking about it and just by the swatches you can see why!

The colours are so pigmented and the shine on them is like heaven!!

A lot of people are saying how they are bored of the unicorn/mermaid hype, I still cant get enough of it, I love anything imaginative!

Now for my sale items:

Best Year Ever 2018 – £15 ( I think!)

So a lot of the 70% off sale contents was the Christmas gift range, which didn’t bother me in the slightest.

You got the cute lil make up bag then the 3 little pallets which are so handy for travelling. I have used this a couple times since I’ve had them and no complaints.


Boss Lady Beauty Agenda – (I have no idea on price sorry!)

Next was the Boss Lady beauty agenda which came with a note book! (eek stationary geek in me went crazy!) and a large pallet.

I have been using this pallet a lot lately as there are quite a few looks you can make just with this pallet alone.


So there you have my latest Too Faced buys.

Do you like Too Faced Products?

Creative Kate <3

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  1. Thank you for sharing! This is such an informative and beautifully written post – I need that Life’s A Festival palette! Sending you good vibes 🙂

    Nati x | | @NAfterCoffee

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