OITNB Seasons 1-3 – Netflix Review 💗

Ok so I am really late in joining the Orange is the new black craze.

I had been eyeing it up to watch for ages and as the Season 6 just got released I thought why not.

I have sped through seasons 1-3 and just about to start season 4. I thought I would stop halfway to blog my thoughts on the first 3 seasons then will do another post once the last 3 are completed.

As you will see from previous shows I have watched, I do love a bit of crime and prison in a tv show, this is what I think drew me to OITNB.

I have to say after season 1 I was addicted, although I do think after watching the next 2 seasons, season 1 was deffo my least favourite. I love how they have kept the stories going and the characters the same. My favourite parts of the episodes is when they go back on each characters background and see how they ended up it Litchfield.

I will admit towards the end of season 3 Piper is starting to get on my nerves getting a bit to big for her boots.  I loved watching her story and how someone who was quite privileged found her way living in prison, it was a good way to bring the whole thing together.

My favourite scene out of all 3 seasons was deffo the final of season 3 and all the girls in the lake, they all looked so happy. No – one fighting or anything I was so happy watching it.

The characters are great, I love how they have so many different traits. I love Tasty I think she is great! and I think crazy eyes is so misunderstood, I really hope she can find what shes looking for soon!

I am so intrigued to find out what seasons 4, 5 and 6 are going to bring so watch this space……..


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