Orange Is The New Black Seasons 4-6 Review 💗


Hey Lovelies,

So OITNB is now completed, seasons 4-6 brought out mixed emotions let me tell ya!

Season 4 –


OMG Poussey! I was actually really emotional over the incident, the way you actually watch her slowly go. It was awful but so to real life. It can happen so easily in a environment like that. Tasty (My Fav!) deffo made me shed some tears. I mean it was a good story, but they could have picked anyone why Poussey??

Season 5


The riot! omg that was hell but so gripping. I mean Maria Luiz you went a bit far with the guard torcher. It was so interesting the way different people dealt with the situation. Tasty being the negotiator was brilliant she really tried to make things better. I think if she could have accepted the terms as they offered maybe things may have been smoother. But at the end of the day she wanted justice for her best friend. Piscatella was awful, the ways the women was treated was terrible. no one deserves to be man handled like that. The way the season ended I was like omg!

Season 6


Ok so season 6 completed changed the whole layout of the series. It showed the prisoners in max and a completely different environment to what we are used to. For a while it threw me a bit and took me longer to get into it. I mean a lot of the faces you were used to seeing where gone, here are new faces and its like wtf. There were new enemies D block and C Block and I think it was a bit ridiculous. Daya turning to drugs, really that didn’t suit her character at all, I mean I know the riot could change a lot of peoples perspectives but I didn’t get that at all. The whole side story of Carol and Barbara I felt was a bit long winded. Too be honest I really wasn’t feeling season 6. The final episode was an hour n half long and I think it ended the series really well. From how it ended I would be surprised if a season 7 was ever announced, it seem to just finish off the originals stories and settle questions down.

Overall OITNB is deffo something to watch! Season 6 was just not what I was expecting.

What did you guys think of the final season?


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