Pizza, Ribena and Chicago <3

Hey Lovelies,

So I had to do a blog on the latest day out for me and bestie, had such a spontaneous day it was great.

We agreed we were going shopping so Danielle could get her fathers day present! (we tend to go shopping every month don’t mind us HAHA!)

Our usual spot is Oxford Street as it is just one bus ride away, we are quite lucky really being so close.

The original plan was get the present (tickets for her mum n dad to go see Bat outta Hell at the Dominion Theatre), then Primark (obviously!) and Disney Store (again obviously!).

As we went pass Chicago at the Phoenix theatre, I mentioned I would love to see it as it was Kemi’s favourite film. (Long Story but Kemi is my best friend who sadly passed away when we were 17 🙁 ). When we were in the Dominion theatre I happened to mention whether we should take a look at Chicago to see if they had an matinee tickets for today.

Of course Danielle said yes! (We love the theatre!!!) So popped by the theatre box office and got a bargain! We were sat in the Grand Circle, it always sounds far away but you can always see! Tickets were £25 each and managed to get 2nd row in the grand circle.

Theatre booked and the shopping could commence! People were giving out free Ribenas outside Primark *touch saved them for theatre later*. Managed to get the Hufflepuff candle to complete my Harry Potter candle collection from Primark.

The magical Disney Shop I could wander round all day, I finally got a Dash for my car, totally worked out brilliant naming my car Dash and the Incredibles 2 coming out so out comes the merchandise!!! Also bagged a Mickey cool bag for mum for £7.

From Disney Shop to Pizza hut, we always eat everywhere haha!

Pizza Hut to Chicago!!!



Chicago was amazing, I think I watched half the film once, but never seen it all the way through although I did know a couple of the songs lol. The performance was great, and so much fun. I didn’t realise how funny Roxie’s character was! The stage was amazing as they had the orchestra on stage throughout the whole performance, which is nice as you don’t normally get to see them, they are often hidden away.

I love the 1920’s theme of it, I love the music and the dress sense, not that the ladies were wearing much haha!

I would deffo recommend this for a girls night out! I’ve ordered the DVD of the film staring Richard Gere, Catharine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger! Excited to see this, and I now understand why Kemi was so mad about it!

Have any of you guys seen Chicago?

Creative Kate <3



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