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Hey lovelies,

So finally jumping on the Revolution Pro band wagon, I ordered these a while ago and made the pictures but it has taken me so long to sit and get the blog post together so major apologies points!

I thought I would do the swatches for my haul in a blog post rather then on insta pics. Didn’t want to inundate you guys with loads of random swatch pics haha!

Liquid Lip – Revolution Pro  Supreme Matte Lip – £4.00


So first up is the liquid lip single I ordered, everyone knows how much I love a lip colour! I thought for my first purchase I would go for a fail safe pink, I ordered all these on the Tam Beauty website so not shop purchases. Attitude stood out and I’m so glad it did, the colour is beautiful and definitely an every day colour for me. This is one straight swatch straight from the bottle, and the formula is sooo creamy its amazing. It really has a staying power as I had a swatch on my arm for a good day haha! They come in loads of different shades and this will deffo not be the only one I purchase!

Lipsticks – Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection Pinks – £7.00


Next up is lip sticks, now the way this collection works is you get 5 full size lipsticks for £7 how good is that?! Obviously I played safe with the pinks again but omg these colours <3. This is 1 straight line straight from the unit. Very creamy formula my favourite out of the 5 has to be Flushed!!! I think this works out so good for 5 full size for only £7 normally you are paying £7 for one lipstick!

Lipstick – I Heart Revolution – Mermaid and Unicorn Collection £4.00 each

Yes I am a sucker for anything mermaid or unicorn related, I am not over the hype yet #SorryNotSorry I love the packaging of these lipsticks, the added touch of the markings on the lipstick just make it more magical! There is 4 swatches as my beautiful bestie gave me another one after I took the pic on the left 🙂 Amazingly the Turquoise looking one in the middle is Aquadisiac and if you see if comes out like a sheer glossy pink, kind of reminds me of the colour changing lipsticks Barry M make.

Glitter – Revolution Pro Refill Glitter Eyeshadow – Glisten Here £6.00


So a while ago I bought myself a magnetic palette to add my own refills into, so am going mad for single shadows.  I love a bit of glitter so couldn’t resist this pack of 5 refills. The swatches aren’t full as I like to ensure you get a real swatch ie this is exactly how it came out first time no go overs! It took me a while to get a swatch as I didn’t realise you had to proper dig in to get some product. The gleam is a lot better in real life the picture doesn’t do them justice, but a word of advice don’t be afraid of them get in there haha!

EyeShadow – Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette – Trends Celestial – £8.00


Not gonna lie I bought it because the colours look so pretty haha!

So the swatches are each line 1st Pic line 1 2nd Pic middle line 3rd pic bottom line. As you can see the matte shades are more pigmented then the shimmer shades. The marbled shades in the pallet are pretty in the pallet but I thought the swatch would be more stunning. They only show one bulk colour, I know its not going to be marble print (how amazing would that be!) but I was expecting a bit more of a mixture of colours.

So overall I am loving Revolution Pro, and can’t wait to find out what more they have to come. If Make Up revolution is anything to go by the future is looking bright!

Let me know how your finding Revolution Pro

Creative Kate <3


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