ShadowHunters – TV Review 💗


Omg this is my new obsession, the shadow hunters series on Netflix, currently 2 seasons with the season 3 starting today!

I originally read all the books written by Cassandra Clare, there are 6 books in total and I was totally engrossed.

I am deffo one for stories not of the norm, with lots of paranormal influences.

They originally brought out the film The Mortal Instruments, and to be honest I don’t find that the film did they stories justice.

When I see these were on Netflix they went straight on my to watch list, (yes I actually have a list!)

I started season 1 in Tenerife, on a rainy afternoon. Luke was napping at the time but got up half way through episode 3 I think it was and I ended up getting him hooked too!

We ended up coming back in the evenings after food and drinks and chilling and watching shadow hunters. (such a interesting life we lead haha!)

I absolutely love that he is into the show as much as me, it means I can watch an episode and think nothing of call him and being like omg did you see haha!

So basic story plot for you, the main character is Clary, a typical US teenager. After her mum is kidnapped she found out her heritage lies with the shadowhunters. Shadowhunters are a race of well shadow hunters or Demon hunters would make more sense. Clary is immersed in this world of demons, vampires, werewolfs and warlocks, and she has to befriend all of them to find her mum.

It is really addictive, I even got one of the girls in the office on it haha!

This comes highly recommended so if you stuck on your what next to watch deffo give this a go!

I cant wait to see what season 3 has to offer!!!

Creative Kate <3


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