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Spice Girls Exhibition πŸ’—



Spice Girls, the biggest girl band phenomenon, and definitely my biggest pop love!

Wannabe was the first cassette single I ever bought! (yes showing my age!)

Spice Girls spice tour at Wembley was my first ever concert, I wore my hair in 2 ponytails and wore my ‘Emma’ dress (sleeveless blue dress with flowers) and my platform trainers! (baring in mind I was like 7 or 8 so HAHA!)

The Spice Girl exhibition was at Angel Islington, and is currently up in Manchester.

I got 2 tickets for Β£9 on Groupon for me and mum, we both had time off round my birthday so had some mummy daughter time.

It was really easy to get too, well for us it was 1 tube and a short walk.



How amazing are these stairs!!!!!! oh to have my own place one day and have Spice Girls stairs! (not kidding!)

The exhibition brought so much nostalgia not just for me but for my mum, as she remembers how mad I was on them!

It was so good wondering round the outfits and all the old merchandise. It was so crazy, one room was showing Spiceworld the movie on loop HAHA!



The Pink bag above I deffo had when I was younger as soon as I see it I remembered!!!

I had to include these dolls into my post! These are the exact 4 I used to have! Cant remember why I never got Geri but I deffo only had 4.

There is a story behind these dolls, I loved them I was Barbie mad! So Spice Girl dolls were a dream come true! And being the stubborn 6 year old that I was at this time, wouldn’t let my baby brother (who was a baby like 2 I think!) play with my Spice Girl dolls. One day I come home from school picked up Emma and off fell her head. I balled my eyes out ran to my mum and my baby brother all smiles went ‘I did that’! When my mum asked why he said wouldn’t let me play. That will teach me not to share, he had pulled the heads off all 4 and put them back on, babies are sly!!!

This was a really good day and so glad I got to look back with my mum!

Hoping to see there reunited tour for the 25 years next year fingers crossed!

Only way to sign this off!






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