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Styl Pro Brush Cleaner – Review 💗

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So I had some left over love to shop vouchers which I used to buy the Styl Pro Brush Cleaner. The cleaner actually has had some really bad reviews so thought it would be interesting to try.

So the kit comes with the clear bowl, and the tool for cleaning with all different size rubber tubes to fit different size brushes.


In the instructions it has a recommendation for oil based product brushes to use just a brush cleanser and for powder based a mixture of brush cleanser and water.

For my foundation brush being oil based I tried with just my brush cleanser, the one I currently use is the boots own.



What you are meant to do is turn the tool on so it spins in the liquid then lift it just above and spin so it dries. but I didnt find it worked as well. I tried my powder brushes in the mixture of cleanser and warm water and it worked amazingly and they actually dried! which I couldn’t believe, I would never have said the drying would have worked.

After finding the water mixture worked better I tried my foundation brush with it and it worked so much better, so if you purchase this I would recommend the water/cleanser option.

You don’t actually realise how much make up your brushes hold haha!


I tried different size brushes just to test the tools out. the only one I found didnt work is one of my unicorn brushes as the handle was just to thin to hold in even the smallest rubber tool. Overall I would say they came out pretty clean:


I will deffo keep using this tool for brush cleaning, I found it good, obviously some people haven’t.  Everyone has their own opinions!

Creative Kate <3

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