Tess Holliday- The Not So Subtle Art Of Being A Fat Girl – Book Review πŸ’—

This book has ended up my bible! I have never felt so positive about myself while reading Tess Hollidays stories of her life.

Tess has been through so much in her life and for her to write this down and share with the world is huge. (as Tess would say no pun intended!)

Tess is known for being a plus size model and feminist standing up for what she believes in which is that everyone should love themselves no matter your shape and size.

This is an autobiography written by Tess, it goes through her life from the highs and the lows. How she was bullied for her weight and told she would never make it. But she pushed and pushed ad made a name for herself.

Even now as famous as she is she still gets trolled online. Obviously by people who have nothing better to do with their time and jealous of the confidence Tess has in herself.

I didn’t realise how much I would learn from this book, I wanted to read it as I had started following Tess on Instagram and loved her love of Disney and herself. I was also in love with her tattoos!

I was glued as soon as I started this book, and finished it in 4 days. During the book Tess added her life advice which was a little it of knowledge from her to bare in mind I life.

Reading some of them just related so well to what I have been going through in life. I have always struggled with my weight. I have dieted but I get bored and miss food too much. Exercise isn’t always my favourite thing to do and I always go through I hate the way I look phases. Currently I am really hating on myself as some of my clothes no longer fit so keep going mad, but it doesn’t stop me eating.


I am trying to think of Tess’s words and be positive about myself. Who cares what everyone else thinks be you and be happy. which is what I try to do constantly. I strongly believe everyone should be themselves and if someone don’t like it then can sod off.

Tess – if you ever get the chance to stop and read this thank you! Thank you for being you and being an inspiration. Maybe one day I will go to Disney with you!

Only one way to sign this off



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