The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Netflix Original Series 💗


I was so excited when I heard a new series around Sabrina was coming out. Little did I know how different it would be!

We all know Sabrina the teenage witch, with Salem the talking cat, aunt Hilda and Zelda. Mortal Harvey the boyfriend.

This is totally different. This is dark, creepy weird and Salem doesn’t talk 🙁

It starts with Sabrina turning 16 and having to have her dark baptism. Sabrina is already aware of the fact that she and her family are witches.

At 16 Sabrina is supposed to complete her dark baptism sign the book of the dead and attend the Academy of unseen Arts. ( A school for witches and warlocks)

The witches in the coven believe in the dark lord that is Satan. (very strange!) It is very dark with the stories and happenings in the series.

Sabrina goes against all wishes of the high priest Mr Blackwood including running out of her dark baptism.

The series follows Sabrina on her quest to go against all things satan but also finds she herself is darker then she realises. The sacrifices she is willing to make for things to go her way are unreal, selfish even. I don’t want to give away too much or the goings on incase anyone is waiting to watch it.

I like the series and how its done, but I think it would have been better as a whole new series. New characters no reference to Sabrina at all. Having it linked to Sabrina gives people false thoughts on what the series will be like and its the total opposite.

They mention the town of Riverdale a few times so makes me think if there is a possible cross over in future seasons? As this is created by the same team as Riverdale.

I like it but its no Sabrina. What were your thoughts?



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