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Hey Lovelies,

I know a bit random talking about a horror series during the festive season, but I am behind and I’m sorry I got manic at work and working full time and blogging isn’t always the easiest thing to do!!!

Haunting of Hill House follows the Crane family. They purchase hill house in the hopes to do the house up and sell it.

They have a family tragedy when the house seems haunted and the mother commits suicide. The series then jumps forward to when the children are grown up.

They are 5 kids a quick run down of them is below:

Steven – is an author who wrote about the happenings of Hill House.

Shirley – Runs a funeral home with her husband. Likes to take charge of the family.

Theo – Very solitary, weird habit of wearing gloves to avoid feeling ‘entitys’

Luke – Twin 1 – Suffered severe drug abuse  in and out of rehab. Has hurt family through the abuse. Manages to get 90 days clean.

Nellie – Twin 2 – Suffers from depression and sleep paralysis.

Nellie gets married and her husband passes away, Nellie blames the past living at Hill House and gets ‘called’ back to the house. Nellie is then found as having committed suicide.

Poor Nellie’s funeral brings the family back in touch with each other and family secrets are shared as well as the strange going ons.

I like how the first few episodes the children each had an episode to themselves to show, their experience in Hill House and how it has affected them growing up. I will say without giving too much away I was quite disappointed by the ending.

It built up as if there was going to be a big finale, and when it ends I am just like oh. I don’t know what I wanted but I definitely wanted more.

A lot of people said they found the series really scary but unfortunately I love a good ghost so didn’t find the series scary. It was deffo good and had a sense of mystery it was just the ending that let it down.

What did you think?



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