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The Marvellous Mrs Maisel – Amazon Prime Review πŸ’—


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel has been the talk of Amazon prime for a while now, so you know me had to get my teeth into it.

There are 2 seasons on Amazon prime, not too sure when there will be a season 3.

The story is about Mirriam Maisel (Midge for short), it starts showing Midge happily married to Joel Maisel.

They seem happy they go to open mic nights where Joel does a comedy act, which we soon find that he is using somebody else’s jokes, which doesn’t go down well with Midge.

In a shock twist Joel out of the blue leaves Midge and admits to having an affair with his secretary.

As its set in 1958, it wasn’t the known thing for a marriage to break up. Joel and Midge come from strict Jewish families so as you can imagine it was not approved.

Midge’s family is due to have the Rabbi over for a meal which is seen as a high honor within Jewish community. With the break up just being announced Midge’s parents get very worked up over what the Rabbi will think.

Worked up with the stress Midge finds herself back at the open mic club and gets herself drunk. While drunk she finds herself on stage talking to the audience about the issues shes currently facing.

Susie, who works at the bar see’s a spark in Midge, and watches as the laughs roll in. Midge then starts to use stand up as a release for all the stresses from daily life, Susie offers to help Midge by managing her. What the pair don’t realize is the unlikely friendship they strike up together.

When realization hits that she has to face the world alone from now on, Midge gets herself a job on a make up counter, which is frowned upon in her community.

Her mum and dad worry what is happening to her, as its not seen to be separated from your husband or have a job.

Midge, keeps up with the stand up, keeping it secret and using it as her stress release. The audiences love her honesty and how funny she is. Even i chuckled out loud.

Joel realises the mistake he made, and tries to make it up to Midge, she starts to give in and thinks about them getting back together. Until Joel sees Midge’s set at the club and is offended and tells her he can’t get back together and be the point of most of her jokes.

This is where the woman in me wants to scream at him, are you taking the mick after cheating on her and she’s willing to take your lying backside back you can’t take a little heckle. RANT OVER

Midge announces her stage name as Mrs Maisel and that ends season 1.

Season 2 starts with Midge still getting on with gigs and working. Her mum moves to Paris to find herself, so you follow Midge and her dad on the journey to winning her back.

They spend their summer in the Cat Skills (very Dirty Dancing holiday scene), Joel joins them and both him and Midge are very civil and seem to get on really well.

Midge is introduced to Dr Benjamin who she hits it off with and a new relationship is started.

I love seeing how 1958 is lived its so different to nowadays. I love the style the make up the hair. Looks were a big thing back then.

Season 2 ends on the family knowing about Midge’s stand up act and she is about to go on a 6 month tour with a singer.

Where season 3 will go who knows?

I really enjoyed this series, it’s deffo a girlie series. I found my self chuckling so often. I love how Midge shows that women can get on and live dreams and not have to be the standard housewife.

Have you had a chuckle at Mrs Maisel?


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