The Princess Switch – Netflix Original Film πŸ’—

Time to get festive!

The first new Christmas film I watched this year was the Netflix original The princess switch.

It stars Vanessa Hudgens (know for playing Gabriella in High School Musical). Its king of like a twist on Freaky Friday.

Stacey owns a bakery and works alongside her best friend from high school Kevin. Kevin enters Stacey into a big baking competition which she gets to the final of. The competition is in Belgravia so Stacey, Kevin and Kevins daughter Olivia pack up and go to Belgravia for the competition.

While in Belgravia Stacey is seen by Margaret a duchess who is due to marry Prince Edward. Margaret sees their uncanny resemblance to each other and thinks up a plan.

Margaret wants to get to know the people she will be becoming princess of so comes up with an idea to swap places with Stacey for 2 days, so Stacey is back in time for the competition.

Cheeky lil Olivia realises the switch and helps the girls hide their identities.

This really is a feel good Christmas film, it has everything Christmas needs, snow, love, princesses and cake!!!

I would recommend this for any girls night in! It deffo picked up my xmas spirit.

Make sure you give it a watch!



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