Thor Ragnarock – film review πŸ’—


Hey Lovelies,

Sooo Thor Ragnarok,

who else has seen this yet?

My Hubby is a massive Marvel fan, so obviously this was on our to-see list.

Now I don’t mind Marvel films, and I like Thor films, (no not just because of Chris Hemsworth, he might help haha!)

The film shows Thor having to work with his brother Loki to save their kingdom. Ragnarok is a prophecy which they are trying to stop happening, with a little help from the Hulk.

Now I found the film hilarious, the banter between Hulk and Thor is amazing. My only critisim of the film is that it was too funny. Sounds strange right? but for me Marvel need to be full of action with some funny moments.

The film struck me as more as a comedy then an action movie. It is good and I would watch it again, just feel it needed more fighting possibly.

How did you find it?

Creative Kate <3

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