Bookworm Review- As Old As Time

Hi All,

Not only are you going to get film reviews, you will also get book reviews!

I am a bookworm, i always have been and always will be. i am always reading, and my too read list is getting longer everyday. ( i am mad for a list, i have a great app on my phone but that’s for another day haha!)

So first film review blog was Disney, first book review might as well be Disney too!

I literally finished this book this morning. It was written by Liz Braswell, this is book 3 out of a series she recently released. Fantasy books are my favorite as it is a completely different world you get to slip into! Liz puts a twist on the usual Disney fairytales we all know and love.

I came across the series randomly on a shopping trip with the bestie, i found book 2 in the Disney shop, it was near Christmas so i was good not to buy it then and there. i added it to my xmas list i have to give my mum every year. So books 1 and 2 i got for xmas and this one came out in January i think! and my dad who loves a pre order had this beauty delivered for me!

So this book you have obviously guessed gives a twist on Beauty and the Beast, what got me interested is the little by lines Liz adds to all her front covers, like this one ‘what if Belle’s mother cursed the beast?’ It makes you think hmm what if she did?!?!

Out of the 3 books this was my favorite, i got the most interested and stuck into i couldn’t put it down!

Liz keeps all the characters the same, but gives the story a twist, like this book Belle’s mother is the enchantress who cursed the beast and his castle. And all is not as it seems.

She keeps the base story the same, like when the books start you think ok all the same then it just switches into her twist and your like omg then your hooked.

I would deffo recommend this to people who enjoy a twist on a traditional story.

The first two books available in this range are, Once Upon a Dream and A Whole New World.

Once Upon a Dream – A twist on Sleeping beauty, very hard one to get into, the twist is completely unexpected and hard to get your head around, once you get into it you kinda go ooohhh!

A Whole New World – A twist on Aladdin, like a blast into the ‘future’ is very good and the furthest away from the traditional story i think.

Photos of the front covers below:


Cant wait to see what other stories Liz can put a twist on……

Speak soon lovelies

Creative Kate <3

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