Sometimes you just need a break 💗

First off please ignore the bird poo in this picture I didn’t notice it til I uploaded it 😂

So for the last month I have been pretty quiet, on social media and myself. I thought I should possibly explain. I have been writing this post in my head for the last week. This is the first time I have actually sat down to write it.

How do you start to write about mental health? How do you explain what goes on in your head in words?

So I suffer from anxiety and OCD, which I have dealt with for the past few years. My anxiety is worry and my OCD is routine and organisation. (Mums bummed that it’s not the cleaning one 😂)

And just recently I have been dealing with depression. Depression is different for everyone, and everyone deals with it differently.

Mine was just forgetting to think about myself, I stopped doing anything for me and was just ensuring everything and everyone else was fine.

I bottle a lot of stuff up, and I have never been one for opening up and telling people my problems. I see it as I don’t need to load my problems onto other people.

I just sort of shut down and thought I need a break. I wanted to get away just to sort my head out! My brother suggested Bournemouth and I thought sod it and booked a hotel for me and Luke.

My family, friends and Luke have been so supportive of me, and have been helping massively.

I went to Bournemouth with Luke for a few days, it was lovely. We were there for the really hot days we had in the UK so you could say I picked the right time to have a melt down 😂

The beach in Bournemouth is beautiful its all sand, just laying on the beach was so peaceful.

I don’t know about everyone but sometimes just getting away really helps. Taking a break from life to get your head straight is sometimes what’s needed.

I am back to work next week, and getting back to a normal routine, depression doesn’t just disappear but you can’t let it win, and take over.

There is probably quite a few people who could explain all this better then me, but this is just from my point of view.

The key to dealing with issues like this, is to tell someone and don’t bottle it, it could make it worse in the long run.

There’s lots of people who can help, family, friends, your GP. Don’t shut people out let them in even if you only explain bits at a time.

I feel like I’m starting to get back to normal, and back to being me. So blog posts should go back to normal and insta posts.

I just thought I should explain for the quietness that has been happening.

Thank you for being patient followers

Creative Kate ❤️

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