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Activated Charcoal Deodorant Balm 💗


RRP – £7.99 available from the Birchbox website.

Deodorant balm who would have thought it?!

I received this lil beauty in May’s Birchbox and I live for it!!!!!

I am going to be totally honest here, I am a ‘curvy’ girl and do suffer quite bad with sweat. Everyone sweats differently not saying skinnier people don’t sweat but we just tend to have extra areas which do sweat 🙂

I have to switch deodorants every couple months because my body gets too used to a deodorant and it stops working. When I see this in the box my first thought was starting this tomorrow! and I have been using it since!

To be honest I didn’t put much thought into the fact that it was a balm, but when I read reviews a lot of people said they didn’t feel comfortable rubbing in a deodorant with their hand. Found it a bit odd as its your own body and if its straight from a shower it isn’t like your dirty. Maybe its just me but I had no issues with it being a balm.

When I first used it, my underarms went dry straight away, I couldn’t believe it. I am used to getting sweat patches so I avoid light colours which will show the patches. Now using this I’m not afraid anymore. I have even tried this for under boob sweat (girls you know about this!) and it keeps me dry.

The balm comes in the activated charcoal and 2 other fragranced versions. I will stick to the activated charcoal as I struggle with scented deodorants (ever had an underarm infection? not fun!)

The tester we got from Birchbox is just running out, which I am gutted about, and it is the first product from a subscription box that I would buy full size. Only downside is its out of stock on the Birchbox website 🙁 so just waiting for a restock.

Anyone looking for something to help with sweat I would recommend you try this, yes it sounds expensive for a deodorant but as its a balm it doesn’t get used up so quickly so should last a while. I vouch that this product works, even my mum has noticed a difference.

Any Birchboxers let me know what you thought?

Creative Kate <3

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