The Descendants Book 3- Rise of the isle of the lost -Book review šŸ’—

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Book 3 of the Descendants series, Rise of the isle of the lost.

This book introduced Uma, Ursula’s daughter, who is still on the Isle of the Lost while Mal and her friends are living it up in Auradon.

Uma and Mal have quite a stormy relationship, they used to be best friends when they were younger then grew up and grew apart. They now consider each other enemies.

The book follows Uma and her ‘crew’ consisting of first mate Harry (Captains Hook’s son) and Gil (Gaston’s son), and their day to day lives still living on the Isle. That is until it becomes news that King Tritons trident has gone missing and is said to be somewhere in on the Isle. This then intrigues Uma to win a pirate ship and retrieve the trident in an effort to escape the Isle.

Back on Aurdon, Mal is struggling to fit in. Carlos, Jay and Evie have blended into the Auradon day to day routine, Mal still strives for life back on the isle. King Ben is off around the kingdom, with meetings and trying to settle disputes between his subjects. That is until Mal returns to the dormitory to which she shares with Evie and finds Arabella (granddaughter of King Triton) in tears explaining how she lost her grandfathers trident.
Of course this sparks the need for adventure in Mal and of course the safety of the people in Aurdon, so the foursome take up the challenge of finding the trident.

The book is aimed at teens, (I don’t care i’ll still read them haha!) I have noticed that the books don’t go in line with the movies brought out by the Disney Channel. My brother told me they are apparently working on the third film. So I’m intrigued by what the storyline will be as they haven’t covered book 2 in any of the films.

I did struggle to first get into the book, but it got better as the story picked up.

have you read any of these?

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