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Jelly Foot Soak- Review 💗

RRP: usually sold in packs of 3 for £9.99

Hey lovelies,

So I tried out this jelly foot soak I got in Glossybox. It sounded so interesting as a Jelly foot soak. I was also intrigued as it mentions on the box its suitable for diabetics, so I thought it may be good for my mum. Anyone whos in direct contact with diabetes in any way will know they have to be very careful with their feet.

The box comes with 2 sachets for the 2 step treatment.


Step 1

You get your bowl of water (obviously!) Empty sachet 1 into the bowl, leave for a minute and stir with your hand. The instructions said you should get a jelly like mixture and then you put your feet in.

This is where it went wrong for me,

Stephanie and me thought we would give it a go as we do. She stirred the water with her hand and told me I wouldn’t like it, but I thought no i’ll be fine.

In go my feet and oh the cringe aaahhhhh (just imagine me cringing pulling faces the lot).

The water wasn’t a jelly, it was like slime with bits of jelly. (Luckily Stephanie loves slime, me not so much!) The easiest way to explain what it felt like was, when your washing up in the sink and some soggy food escapes the been and finds it self in the sink. YUCK!

Maybe we had too much water which is why it didn’t turn to complete jelly, but personally I think if it did turn to jelly it still wouldn’t have been my thing.


God my legs look massive in this pic haha! I managed to stay in it long enough for a pic but I couldn’t do it.

Step 2

The second sachet supposedly dissolves the jelly , you add the contents and your meant to move your feet in the mixture to help spread the dissolvent (is that even a word?)

I couldn’t do this I couldn’t stomach moving my feet around in it, so left Stephanie with that part.

Overall I think its a personal opinion that I didn’t like the feel of the product. Some people like Stephanie (Haha!) don’t mind it. I cant stand the feel of slime or anything like that. Too squishy for me LOL.

Overall if you can stomach the feel of it, I think it is a good product, I do think we may have had too much water so it may not have worked properly. I do like that the company have made a point for it too be suitable for diabetics as a lot of the time diabetics do tend to get over looked.

When I checked out the website I thought it was good that you get 3 for £9.99, working out to roughly about £3.33 each with isn’t bad.

how do you guys feel about jelly/slime feeling products?

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