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Benefit – Happy House and Peggy Porschen’s 💗


Soooo I am obvs so late in writing this post sorrryyyyy

So to promote their latest Hello Happy foundation Benefit launched the happy house! Obviously being the big benefit fan that I am, me and the Bestie went on down for a bloggers day out! She is my blogging assistant! (basically she comes to everything with me and takes loads of photos! this is why I love her!)

We got there mega early as we didn’t know how busy it was going to be. Ended up with Mc D’s breakfast no complaints here lol!

The guys from Benefit was sooooo friendly and made everything so fun!

When you first go in you have to pick songs which make you feel good! (more on this later), then you go down a tunnel with loads of pride colours flashing! It was basically a house with different rooms and activities in.

Activity One – Laughing Yoga

How pretty does this room look and literally they are all mattresses!! Gotta admit this big girl was nervous but it was so stable it was fine!

So first off they had us (they sent your round in groups of 5) all lay on the bed and do some breathing exercises. Then we sat in a circle and literally we had to fake laugh, and everyone fake laughing made everyone generally laugh! It was literally hilarious, it is true laughter is the best medicine!


Activity 2 – Bouncing Silent Disco

This is where the favourite feel good songs came in, me and the bestie of course picked Spice up your life by Spice Girls, who doesn’t feel good after a spice girls jam!

We were given headsets playing out the choices from our little group. There was like a massive bouncy mattress for us to like jump on to the music with loads of glitter flying around it was quite fun,

Activity 3 – Sponge throwing.

The next activity was like throwing sponges at wooden faces which were said and making them happy. LOL

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures I took like slo mo videos, but they wouldn’t upload onto here 🙁 although I did successfully turn frowns upside down twice (Yay Me!)

Final Activity – Happy House Foundation

The final room had aload of Benebabes to do colour matches of the new foundation. The girls were all so pretty!!!! I was shade 4! I haven’t actually bought the foundation yet as I have a few foundations at home that I have to try. I try not to keep to many foundations going.

They also had a glitter shower which I believe I shared a boomerang on my Instagram. Check me out 🙂

Next stop on our girlie trip out was the insta famous Peggy Porschens!!!!

OMG how perfect is Peggy Porchens for pictures!

It is soo pretty and we had to actually queue up outside to wait for a table. Peggy Porchens is in Victoria, it seems to take ages to find but that could just be cause my feet were hurting haha! it was such a hot day and I had flats on which has started to rub.

We got a pretty table outside, and went for cupcakes!!

I had the salted caramel cupcake it was sooo yummy!!!

It wasn’t the cheapest place, but is worth a visit for a special occasion.

Deffo Instagram picture worthy!

So did anyone else make it to Benefits Happy house or been to Peggy Porchens?

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