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My First Sephora Experience πŸ’—

OMG the most exciting part of Barcelona is that they had a Sephora! I long for one in the UK, hint hint Sephora.

There is a larger Sephora store at Las Ramblas but this is the smaller store in the shopping centre opposite our hotel. Safe to say we went in there every day haha!

I wanted to share my buys from Sephora, I did try to stick with buying items which are only available in Sephora, but a couple just slipped themselves into my basket haha!

First up was face masks! How can you go into Sephora and not buy a face mask, I just happened to get face mask happy haha!

The prices were really good too! They ranged from 4-5 Euros each which is quite good really. Don’t worry as I use the masks I will review each one for you!

I am a face mask addict and love trying out all different ones, I even bought a mask for your boobs which will be interesting!

Obviously I wanted to get a couple of make up bits from Sephora’s range, and they also had a sale section where I picked up the mono shadows for like 2 euros each. The 2 lipsticks and the make up brush was full price but if I remember rightly the lipsticks were 5.99 and the brush was 12 euros.

The shadows didn’t seem to come out as pigmented as I would have like but that could be the reason they were in the sale. They look a lot more pigmented in the casing.

I did treat myself to finally getting the Nars blusher in Orgasm, I have wanted this for so long and thought sod it holiday present to myself haha!

Another one which just fell into my basket is this lippy by Fenty Beauty. I have wanted something from the Fenty range for sooo long but trying to get to the Fenty counter at Harvey Nichols is crazy. It was so much easier to browse at Sephora. I did fall in love with the current eye shadow palette they brought out but couldn’t do the 63 euro price tag!

So there you have my first trip to Sephora and my haul, I really want to go to an American Sephora as I think that would be crazy! one day!

have you ever tried anything from Sephora?

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