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Finally getting round to my Barcelona post! (I am so behind!!) So how did Barcelona come about? Too be honest I don’t even know, the bestie was saying how see wanted to go on her first plane trip, and I was like ok where shall we go. She said Barcelona and I said yes! It was as easy as that.

We always have the best ideas!

We hopped online booked the flights on and got the hotel through Expedia. We went for Danielle’s bday for 4 days. It was soo good, I have never really done a city break.

The Hotel

So we stayed in the Hilton Diagonal Mar, it was so nice and we felt so posh haha! Our room was massive and had the best bathroom. The staff were super friendly even when we weren’t down for breakfast which we paid for! Breakfast was a very good selection, and had an amazing pancake machine haha!

Day 1

So day 1 didn’t really amount to much, we were shattered. We got up at 3am for a 7:30am flight. We mooched round the hotel, went and found the beach (not even a 5 minute walk!) Stopped at a beach bar, nosed round the shopping centre opposite which had a Sephora!!! (This needed its own blog post!) We ended up grabbing McDonalds and chilling out in the hotel for the evening and watched the film Ibiza on Netflix!

Day 2

We started day 2 off on the beach, obviously! Spent couple hours lazing around reading, before going back to the hotel just before lunch.

When we got back to the room we had a letter on the bed informing us of a taxi strike for the next 2 days!! One of those days we supposed to be going home, luckily the hotel put on a shuttle to get us to the airport! We had a think about what we wanted to do and see and worked out the best way round the plans. Tuesday Afternoon ended up a lovely afternoon at Barcelona Zoo!!!

The Zoo was lovely, I was really surprised by how big it was. The range of animals was amazing, and I was really impressed by the ticket price of just over 20 Euros.

Day 3 – Besties Birthday!!!!

We had birthday breakfast at the hotel where the hotel staff were amazing and brought out a chocolate dessert with a candle, and bucks fizz for both of us. It was so nice 🙂

As there was a taxi strike and we were too far out to walk into the main part of the Citi. We purchased a tour bus ticket. We paid 30 Euros which covered us for the whole day and we were able to hop on and hop off the bus as often as we liked. There was 2 routes we could use which basically took us the whole way around Barcelona. It was so good! We see everything and didn’t have to walk to far in the heat. I would highly recommend getting round Barcelona this way. You can also get a 2 day ticket so you could do one route one day and the other the next.

Barcelona is such a beautiful place and I would recommend everyone go to see it 🙂

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

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