Christopher Robin – Film Review πŸ’—


Winnie the Pooh is a family favourite for everyone. He has been my brothers favourite since he was a baby.

As soon as we see the trailer for this, we knew we would be going Cinema to see it. We went on the Saturday before my birthday! Day after it came out in the UK.

OMG it is the most sweetest, loving Disney film released in a while. There is nothing to hate about it. You can’t help but smile the whole way through it. It is just a genuinely feel good film to watch.

Ewan McGregor plays a brilliant Christopher Robin. I don’t think anyone could have played him better. Pooh, Tigger, piglet and Eeyore having original voices just helped make it. They were done so well. Although I will say Rabbit was a bit creepy looking.

I recommend this for all ages, if you have a love for Disney this is deffo a must see!

has anyone else seen it yet?


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