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Woohoo time for another book review!!!

So another of the twisted Disney tales by Liz Braswell. This time it is a twist on Mulan, the twist being that Mulan has to travel to the underworld to save Captain Shang’s soul.

This was the latest book out until Part of your world was released like 2 weeks ago (Mid September) My brother bought me it as it was in Tesco for Ā£4!!! I think all these books are around the Ā£4 mark, and if your lucky sometimes Tesco has them on 2 for Ā£7.

The book starts as the same story, Mulan dresses like a boy to join the army. It follows the story right up until she shoots the cannon at the mountain to create an avalanche. Once the avalanche starts the whole story then twists.Ā  Shang gets dangerously stabbed and his health gets worse and worse. This then causes a visit by the ghost of Shang’s father General Li, advising Mulan the only way to save Shang is a trip to the underworld. With that Mulan goes off to the underworld with the help of the trusted Li guardian ChiChi the great stone lion.

While Mulan is in the underworld, she has to face many demons, including some of her ancestors.Ā  The underworld turns out to be a big place, with different trials at every corner.

I always find with these books the beginning of them is really hard to get into, I am not sure if its because I already know the story or what it is. But as soon as I hit the twist I’m gripped.

I love how Liz makes you think what if, about the stories we are all so used to watching! it makes you think twice about the story. I am just about to start Part of your world so excited to see what twist this story takes!


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