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My Hair Saviours πŸ’—


Hey Lovelies,

Thought I would share with you my saviours I am currently using on my hair!

My hair is very long and naturally has a kink so can be very wavy. My hair is also so thick! which I am quite lucky but at the same time I hate it! The thick hair is down to my dad, both me and Freddie have thick hair the same as him. My mum literally has naturally straight thin hair. (she still straightens it not sure why LOL)

So having long thick hair can take some looking after, and having coloured it, my hairdressers aren’t my biggest fans if I got in for foils as it takes a good day in the hairdressers.

I love having my hair blow-dried by someone else, I would love to one day afford to go hairdressers like twice a week, but as yet that can’t be the case lol!

Shampoo wise – My hair will only accept Head and Shoulders shampoo, I am being completely honest, I suffer with dandruff, as soon as I stop using head and shoulders it comes back! I have tried other anti dandruff shampoos and general shampoos and they just don’t work as good and makes my head itch. My hair can also get really greasy I have like to like wash it every other day or it looks awful. I event spent I think it was like Β£9 on a Loreal shampoo which was meant to be good for greasy hair, it just made my hair more greasy, back to head and shoulders I went lol.

Conditioner – Now this is the strange thing, I can use any conditioner on my hair. So I normally use whichever one my mum is using lol (sharing is caring!) but I do like to use a hair mask at least once or twice a week. I will have to do an Instagram of the one I’m currently using as for the life of me I cant remember the name of it. I know its in a pink and black tub. I didn’t get a pic as it lives in the Bathroom and completely forgot about it when I was taking pictures lol.

Dry Shampoo – The day in between washes I like to give spiritz of dry shampoo, my go to is always Batiste but I was graciously gifted a Soap and Glory one by their PR team which smelt amazing!!!

Argan Oil – I do have a Simply Argan, Argan oil which I use on my hair once it is brushed through damp. It just helps keep the moisture in. (again no pic bad Katie!)

Onto the ones I have pictures for lol!


Heat Defense Spray – TRESemme Β£5.49

So this spray by TRESemme I have used forever. I think it was the first heat defense product I ever tried. I started using it the time when straighteners got really big and everyone was doing it when I was like 14-15 I think. I have tried other heat defense but I always go back to this! I normally spray this on my towel dried damp hair before brushing it. I find it helps with the tangles.


Mousse – TRESemme Max the volume mousse – Β£6.00

Gosh do you guys remember when mousse was everything. The scrunched hair look??? I used to envy the girls that could do it. My hair being so think and heavy just would not work. By now you all must know how much I love my alice band curls. I just put mousse in towel dried hair and wrap in my alice band and it helps the waves stay in.Β  I don’t think many people use mousse anymore but I always like to have it.


Loreal No Hair Cut Cream – Β£3.99

So I raved about this when I tried a sample over on my Instagram (Creativekate89) This made such a difference and smelt amazing! It really does smooth split ends, as I am murder for going to get my hair cut so this is a lifesaver. I even have my mum on the vibe and would recommend this to everyone!


Hairspray – Batiste Stylist – Β£4.49

This hairspray I got from a glossy box. I normally get my hairspray from the wholesalers Salon services as the large Loreal ones last forever and I love them! (Qualified beautician and hairdresser! I have these perks!) but this one is doing really well! and at Β£4.49 you can’t complain.


Shine Spray – John Frieda – Glossing mist – Β£5.99

Who doesn’t love glossing mist? I spray this so much when ever I have finished my hair. It just gives the loveliest shine. I love spraying it then moving in the light to see the shine lol!


Hair Wax – VO5 Crackling Wax Spray Β£??

This is actually so bad, I had to google if this is even made anymore and it looks like it isn’t. (So bad!!!) I bought like 3 of these and this is my last one. It lasts so long, I love it. I do think the crackling is just for show but it works wonders. Now I need to find a new one. Any recommendations?

What do you guys call your hair saviours???


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